I was on the brink of bullycide – about to do the worst – when I dropped out of high school for the third time.

Then an angel appeared and lent me her guitar. When I returned to school three months later I was bully-proof.

After graduating, I began traveling, volunteering and living overseas, which opened my eyes, my mind and my heart.

My work has since been translated into 12 languages; I have worked with international non-profit organizations and mentored youth-at-risk; and I have taught preschoolers how to move to music… or did they teach me? 🙂

In my free time I like to play music, bake bread, go kayaking, publish cookbooks and produce puppet shows.

To the degree I find compassion for the limits of my humanity, the more I seem to empower myself with what I call Creative Confidence, the key ingredient to living a magically magnificent life in my opinion.

I know that to fully embody my creative potential requires continual trust in my ability to figure things out, no matter what.

Why on earth if not to grow? Why not express my thoughts and feelings in ways that make my soul sing?

This is what being creative means to me: feeling connected to the source of all things in the place where two equals one.