Empowering Creatives of All Ages with Creative Confidence – the foundation, understanding and process of creativity as a way of life.

Educational, inspirational multimedia resources that resonate with kids (preschool, K-5) and their parents. Mostly songs, books, cartoons – fun, playful yet professional. Playful for kids, and professional to connect with their parent’s inner child.

NGOs are your partners. Triangulate sponsorships with them based on Brendon’s Sponsorship model.

Youth Speaker University = roadmap for presentations. = roadmap for Creative Life Coaching for all ages.

The Starfish Method:

  1. Courage
  2. Creativity
  3. Commitment
  4. Compassion
  5. Contribution

15. Generate More Ideas

If you wish you could access the creative, idea-making part of your brain more easily, it’s time to quit stalling and start meditating. The “catch-and-release” nature of mindfulness, that ability to let a thought in and let it go, turns out to be very helpful for what one study calls “divergent thinking”[19].

The meditative practice helps your brain to be less judgmental and more accepting, while exercising less “top-down control and local competition.” Your brain opens up to new ideas and inputs, which, say the researchers, “facilitates jumping from one thought to another – as required in divergent thinking. – Annie Mueller LifeHack

I can be myself and focus on what I do best and how I make the world a better place.

The Creative Spark – (Vox Pop) interviews with (inspired) creative movers and shakers.

My music in the background.

Weekly episodes. Mostly artists, writers and musicians who have influence.

How To Become a Creative Genius… by Acting Like a Starfish!

Presentation with songs and stories = perfect for K-5 schools. Positive, healthy, productive ways to deal with bullying, anti-social behavior, delinquency. Discourage substance use. Encourage learning and volunteering and extra-curricular activities (one sheet stuff).