My Pink Bubble Force Field

Life seems to consistently bombard me with feedback that aims to disrupt my status quo.

Whether I like it or not, I can expect this feedback to come in a way that directly opposes my thoughts, feelings and actions to the equal / opposite degree that I rely on said thoughts, feelings and actions NOT to change or be affected.

This happens to balance out the equation which I believe is always trying to find perfect harmony between opposing negatively- and positively-charged influences.

For example: when I post a piece of content on the web for all to consume, the feedback I receive (comments, likes, dislikes, etc.) seems to be in direct proportion to the value / depth / height of influence it triggers/summons.

If I haven’t surrounded myself in my Pink Bubble Force Field, each negative and positive comment or direction of thumb is like a cold wind aiming to blow out what Wayne Dyer refers to as “our inner candle flame that never flickers.”

Shakti Gawain suggests we visualize a Pink Bubble around us, while George Lucas clearly demonstrated that Force Fields are nearly impenetrable without a fleet of X-wing fighters.

Either way I choose to think about it, I feel I must cultivate an armor-plated shield of resilience that withstands not only the well-intentioned (although limiting) whispers of my inner critic, but also the projectile projections of others.

Nothing need sway me from my purpose, or from experimenting with, experiencing and expressing my thoughts and feelings in what I believe are creative ways.

This is how creativity creates self-confidence. When I connect to the source of my ideas, capabilities, inner strength and joy, the result is the best anti-depressant / bully repellent / black-sheep-family-Christmas-first-aid-kit I have ever found.

My sensitive soul is safe from the inevitable backlash of opposing forces when I put my Pink Bubble Force Field in place.

Link to 2fps x 30 second “quote” animated music video.